Christina Tompkin-Sigg

Movement has been and is still to this day a central element in my life, be it on a dance floor, in track and field, on a running path, tennis court or  on a hiking or riding trail.

Today movement has also become a center of my professional life. I fully enjoyed the four-year training course to become a licensed Feldenkrais practitioner.

During the course I reached great ease in my every day movements and increased my abilities and greater efficiency in my sports. A wonderful experience! Moreover, it enabled me to develop a great sense of calm. It is my wish to enable all who come to experience Feldenkrais lessons to discover new ease in their movements.

I am enthusiastic to pass on these experiences to you.

I am certified member of the Swiss Feldenkrais Association SFV. Training program with Angelika Feldmann in Zurich 2017-2021.